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The Better Business Bureau closes out my complaint every time the store owner replies with his lies. His response to me is basically, "too bad, no refunds".

Original review posted by user Nov 14, 2013

On October 26th we purchased a mattress from Mattress Warehouse in Port Orange, Florida. The salesman, Christian, stated that the delivery company was a separate business and would contact us soon. He also stated that they require $90 for the delivery and prefer a cash payment.

A couple of days later someone called and stated that the mattress would be delivered the evening of the November 30th between 7pm and 8pm. The guy who sold us the bed showed up with the mattress strapped to the roof of his car asking for $90 in cash for the delivery. He had no paperwork of any kind. At this point we had already paid for the mattress so we accepted the delivery. We gave him a check and not cash as he had asked for. He then took our old mattress away.

The mattress had a strong odor of chemicals. That night we attempted to sleep on it. It was clearly not the same type of mattress that we had laid on in the store. It was very very hard and the smell was making us sick. I went to the store the next morning and asked for my old mattress back and for a refund. I was told by the salesman that my mattress had already been discarded. I then spoke with the owner who stated that I have had it since the 26th and that is too much time for a refund. I stated that I paid for it on the 26th and it was just delivered the night before. He then changed his story and said he does not give refunds and that if I want to continue to pay for deliveries that he will exchange it. I do not have any interest in another toxic mattress. I do not want to deal with this company anymore. I was forced to go out that day and purchase a mattress from a reputable bedding store.


Monetary Loss: $910.

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I read the better business review lies, they refunded you the delivery and offered to replace your mattress at no extra charge, that doesn't seem like lies to me.

to Anonymous #1036146

Oh look, the store owner has a comment. You will find out what karma is.

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